Getting Started

To assist LSA Web Services in planning our resources for faculty site development we request that your web content is ready to be uploaded to a WordPress template when you meet with us to develop your site and that you launch your site within one month of that meeting. Our staff time is divided between multiple college-wide web responsibilities and we often need to transition into other projects. Thanks!

Site Request Process

  1. Start by completing the Needs Analysis Form.  This is a quick online form designed to collect basic information about your site. Please review the theme options on the Example Themes page and view the example theme sites on the subpage links because the Needs Analysis will ask you to select a Theme for your site.
  2. After submitting the form someone from the Web Services team will get back to you to set up a quick meeting where we will create your site and set you up as the administrator. We strongly recommend a quick meeting to plan how your site will be created, discuss your content and site navigation, and to estimate a site launch date.
  3. Web Services is offering full site set up support to build your new WordPress site. However, if you’d prefer to work on the site or have a lab member or student build your site, that works for us too. We will be available for help if you need it. At the initial site meeting we will discuss how to share content for your site if it is not already up and published on an existing site. One of the best ways for sharing content, which we learned from the Pilot, is to create a Google folder, upload your PDFs, photos, and site navigation plan and share the folder with the Web Content Coordinator you are working with at Web Services.
  4. Once your site is launched please direct all your WordPress questions and issues to to ensure they are tracked in our ticketing system and that you will have a prompt response from anyone on our team.
  5. Website updates are to be done by the site owner after site launch.


We offer a mid-level support plan for LSA WordPress customers. Editing WordPress is pretty intuitive and the software is fun to use. When editing, if you have general questions we recommend searching Google or for an answer. WordPress is open source technology and there are thousands of forums where someone has asked the same question you have, so you can quickly find an answer. If you run into larger issues when editing and need help from our team please email with your question and we will be happy to assist you. Web Services hosts several weekly Open Labs at our office. You can use these Open Labs to come in and work on your WordPress site and we we will have staff available to help you. Registration for open labs and more information about our services can be found on the CMS Web Services site.


There is no formal training for WordPress, however, under the ‘getting started‘ section you’ll find various posts with short video tutorials. From here you can get an introduction to WordPress and learn more about the dashboard, media library, and difference between pages and posts. In addition, Web Services will be happy to do individual training during our weekly Open Labs.