Senior Prize in Literary Translation Winners

The Department of Comparative Literature is pleased to announce the winners of its annual  Senior Prize in Literary Translation

2016 Prize

  • Trevor Grayeb (BA, Political Science and International Studies)
    Translation from Japanese: An excerpt from Teito Monogatari: The Tale of the Imperial City, written by Hiroshi Aramata
  • Steven Zeng (BS, Computer Science and Business Administration)
    Translation from Chinese: An excerpt from Dream of Ding Village, written by Yan Lianke

2015 Prize

  • Ana Guay (BA, Classical Languages & Literatures, minor in Translation Studies)     Translation from the Spanish & Guaraní (chapter from Augusto Roa Bastos’ Thunder Among the Leaves)
  • Rona Beresh (BA, Near Eastern Studies)                                                                           Translation from Hebrew (Sami Berdugo’s short story “Shuk”)
  • Ashley Mulcahy (BA, Romance Languages & Literatures)                                            Translation from Italian (from Ippolito Bentivoglio’s libretto of the opera Zenobia e Radamisto)

2014 Prize

  • Ari Brown (BS, Computer Science)
    Translation from Finnish (collection of poems by Eeva Kilpi and Risto Rasa)
  • Sijia Hao (BA, BS, International Studies and Ross School of Business)
    Translation from Chinese (“Xinbad Sea Voyages”)
  • Kyra Hauck (BA, French Languages and Literatures and RC Arts and Ideas; minor in Translation Studies and International Studies)                                                                Translation from French (chapter from Alain-Fournier, “Le Grand Meaulnes”)
  • Matthew Riemland (BA, Germanic Languages and Literatures; minor in International Studies and Philosophy)                                                                                                       Translation from German (chapter from Hermann Hesse, “Narcissus and Goldmund”)

2013 Prize

  • Vivian Burgett (BA, Comparative Literature)                                                                  Translation from French (Leïla Sebbar’s short story “La fille au hijeb
  • Timothy Montrief (BA, Arabic, Armenian, Persian, Turkish, and Islamic Studies)    Translation from Arabic (chapter from Salwa Bakr’s Opposing Rhythms)
  • Janet Skrbina (BA, Germanic Languages and Literatures)                                                       Translation from German (three shorts stories from Wolfgang Borchert’s In Snow, in the Clean Snow)

2012 Prize

  • Gabriella Martin (BA, Spanish Language and Literature, RC Creative Writing)        Translation from Spanish (short stories by Juan José Millás)

2011 Prize

  • Megan Berkobien (BA, Comparative Literature, minor in Russian Language and Literature) Translation from Spanish (three short stories from Cristina Peri Rossi’s Cosmoagonies)

The Senior Prize in Literary Translation is open to all University of Michigan students. Submissions for the 2017 prize will open in April.