Idiographic Approach

header5The individual is the level of analysis for much of the lab’s research because it is based on the assumption that people change with time (development) and are heterogeneous (e.g., with respect to neural and gendered psychological processes). This is in contrast to the group level of analysis in which people are assumed to be homogenous and their psychological processes static. Dr. Beltz has conducted individual-level analyses to reveal person-specific processes in neuro- (Beltz, 2018; Beltz, Gates, Engels, Molenaar, Turrisi, Berenbaum, Gilmore, & Wilson, 2013; Beltz, Moser, Zhu, Burt, & Klump, 2018), developmental (Beltz, 2018; Beltz, Beekman, Molenaar, & Buss, 2013), and clinical science (Beltz, Wright, Sprague, & Molenaar, 2016; Wright, Beltz, Gates, Molenaar, & Simms, 2015). She also works extensively with analysis approaches (e.g., GIMME) that merge the group- and individual-levels of analysis, and has developed methodological tutorials and innovations for them (Beltz & Gates, 2017; Beltz & Molenaar, 2015; Beltz & Molenaar, 2016).