Gender and Personality in Context Lab

Photo (Left to Right-Standing): Janet Malley, Ben Blankenship Jessica Kiebler, Ozge Savas, & Erin Provagna. (Left to Right-Sitting): Alexandra Mangus, Abigail Stewart, & Jennifer Frederick.

Gender and Personality in Context Lab (2017)

This group welcomes participation by faculty and students with interests in personality and gender in context. We are broadly inclusive, and use our meetings (usually alternate weeks) for informal discussion of disciplinary issues, professional socialization (career development, journal reviewing, etc.), and articles, as well as more formal presentations (usually for practice). We try to maintain an informal collegial atmosphere and enjoy collaborating with other UM faculty and students and with visitors with shared interests.

Individuals’ current interests are outlined on their own web pages, as are the interests of some of the recent alumni/ae of the lab.