Industrial Panelists

Paul Bruno
ClearView Healthcare Partners, Senior Consultant
Mapp Lab Ph.D., 2015

Zachary Buchan
Corteva Agriscience, Natural Products Scientist and Lead Recruiter for Discovery Chemistry Montgomery Lab Ph.D., 2011

Kelly McDow
Procter & Gamble Associate General Counsel
B.S. in Chemistry and in Cellular and Molecular Biology 1992, J.D. Chase College of Law 1997

Academic Panelists

Sara Buhrlage
Havard Medical School
Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Mapp Lab Ph.D., 2008

Eli Fahrenkrug
Colorado College, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Maldonado Lab Ph.D., 2016

Jeremy Feldblyum
SUNY Albany, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Matzger Lab Ph.D., 2015