Sikhism and Critical Theory Workshop

Hofstra University
New York

September 13th to 14th,  2002

Conference Theme

Workshop Program:

 09.30      Registration 9.30 am

10.15-10.30          Welcome and Opening Remarks

  1. 30 – 11. 15 Panel 1. Diaspora (Chair Arvind Mandair)

Resondents: Sunit Singh and Sabina Sawhney

Ajit K. Mann (University of Oregon )
Narrative Nomads and Post-Colonial Perspectives: A Sikh Perspective
Brian Axel (Swarthmore College)
Fanatic, or, the Withdrawal of Critical Theory
Virinder Kalra
Locating the Sikh Pagh:  Missing Identity or Mis-Identity
11.15-11.30          Coffee Break
11.30-12.45          Discussion
12.45-14.15          Lunch
14.15-15.15               Panel 2.   Religion              (Chair: Warren Frisina)
Respondents: Paulo Goncalves and Sunit Singh
Arvind-pal S. Mandair (Hofstra University)
Transcendence and  Singh Sabha Theology: Redefining the Terms of the “Critical”
Balbinder Bhogal (James Madison University )
Questioning Hermeneutics: The Difference of Non-Dual Interpretation in Gurbani
Navdeep S. Mandair (SOAS, University of London)
Between Bodies: The Imminence of Khalsa Identity
Gurnam Singh (Coventry University, UK)
Critical Perspectives on the Emancipatory Discourses of Sikhism
15.15-15.30          Tea Break
  • Discussion
17.00    Close
Saturday September 14th
10.00- 10.55         Panel 3.   Politics                (Chair: Dr. Gurcharan Singh)
Respondents: Richard King and Margaret Abraham
Gurharpal Singh   (Birmingham University, UK)
Rethinking the Political:  Sikhism and Critical Theory
Giorgio Shani        (Ritsumeikan University, Japan)
Beyond Westphalianism: Sikh Diasporic Nationalism and the International Order
Jasdev S. Rai (S.H.R.G.)
The U.N. and Internal Conflicts: A Case Study of the Sikhs
10.55-11.15          Coffee Break
  • Discussion
  • Lunch
  • Public Forum
16.00-16.15          Tea Break
16.20-16.55          T.B.A.
16.55-17.30        Keynote Speech:  Christopher Shackle (F.B.A.)
17.30                      Closing Remarks: T.J.Bindra