Conversation with Mark Juergensmeyer (2021)

Keynote Address: Spalding Symposium (April 2022)

Book Review of “Sikh Philosophy” by Naad Pargaas Usa

Keynote Address – University of Edinburgh (2016)

University of Michigan 2011 – Inaugural Lecture in Sikh Studies

Aurora Lecture Series 2022 – University of California Santa-Cruz

Loyola Marymount University 2017 – Sikhism’s Non-Violent War Machine

Detroit Sikh Studies Outreach Lectures 2013

Book Discussions

Punjabi University Patiala – Violence and the Sikhs (August 26th, 2022)

Punjab University Chandigarh – Violence and the Sikhs (July 17th, 2022)

Detroit USA Naad Pargas – Violence and the Sikhs (May 2022)

Religion and the Spectre of the West (2014)

Interview with The Sikh Channel (2012)