Student Testimonials

“[Prof.] Maldonado explained subject matters well and was able to address further questions that we had, even if they were more in depth and strayed slightly from the lecture. The topic is extremely relevant in the world atmosphere today, making learning about it all the more interesting and applicable.” Chem 125/126 500 Fall 2017

“I thought it was fascinating to analyze data for my own microbiome. Definitely the best part of this course. I showed my stacked barplot to so many of my family and friends!” Bio173 Fall 2017

“This class was the best science class I have ever taken, and now I am much more interested in taking more chemistry classes in the future!! The teachers did a great job of really getting to know us and giving us individual attention in class and outside of class. The community of the biological station allowed for us to interact with our teachers outside of class more informally and that really added to the success of the class.” Chem 125/126 700 Spring 2017

“I think a highlight is being able to be part of a real, relevant study that’s going on and being able to contribute to actual scientific knowledge.” Bio173 Fall 2015

“I like how it actually applies to the real world. It’s not just experiments in a lab, it is helping solve a real problem.” Chem 125/126 400 Fall 2015

“This course was challenging, but I gained a lot of confidence in my abilities throughout.” Chem 125/126  500 Fall 2015

“The instructors fostered a sense of importance about the research we were doing. The lab environment was wonderful. The staff had infectious curiosity. The ability to do research around a theme was incredible and very helpful in creating student buy in.” Bio173 Winter 2015