The Williams Collection of Far Eastern Ceramics: Chinese, Siamese, and Annamese Ceramic Ware Selected from the Collection of Justice and Mrs. G. Mennen Williams in the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology

Kamer Aga-Oglu

Kamer Aga-Oglu was curator of the Museum’s Asian collections from 1945 to 1974. An extraordinary scholar, Aga-Oglu singlehandedly transformed the study of Asian ceramics, focusing particularly on understudied Asian trade wares in the Museum’s collections. A specialist in Far Eastern art history, she devoted her life’s work to researching the division’s outstanding collection of Asian ceramics. She described for the first time a whole new range of East Asian ceramics that until then were unknown, even among specialists, and she documented the pre-European movement of these ceramics throughout the Pacific and as far as Turkey and East Africa. Throughout her entire tenure at the Museum, Kamer Aga-Oglu was the Museum’s only woman curator.

Her catalogs of the Williams Collection (this volume and The Williams Collection of Far Eastern Ceramics: Tonnancour Section) contain dozens of photographs and detailed descriptions of the pieces.

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Publisher: Museum of Anthropology

Year of Publication: 1972

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Pages: 73

Price: $7.50

Print ISBN: 978-0-932206-74-9

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-951538-64-4

Monograph Series / Number: Special Publications 1

Photographs: 85 black and white


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