The Spiro Ceremonial Center: The Archaeology of Arkansas Valley Caddoan Culture in Eastern Oklahoma

James A. Brown

M 29

In Volume I of this two-volume set, James A. Brown reports on and interprets decades of archaeological investigation at the Spiro Ceremonial Center, a major site along the Arkansas River in eastern Oklahoma. In Volume 2, he describes the archaeological collections in detail, covering burials, ceramics, stone tools, pipes, beads, textiles, ornaments, and animal bone. Foreword by James B. Griffin. Contributions by Alice M. Brues, Lyle W. Konigsberg, Paul W. Parmalee, and David H. Stansbery.

Lulu Linear Punctated: Essays in Honor of George Irving Quimby

Robert C. Dunnell and Donald K. Grayson

AP 72

Many archaeologists and anthropologists of note contributed chapters to this collection, which pays tribute to archaeologist George Irving Quimby on his 1983 retirement from the University of Washington. James Griffin, Albert Spaulding, Lewis Binford, David Brose, and many more write here about archaeology in the Midwest and other areas of North America. Griffin contributes the first chapter: “George Irving Quimby: The Formative Years.”

The Snyders Mounds and Five Other Mound Groups in Calhoun County, Illinois

David P. Braun, James B. Griffin, and Paul F. Titterington

T 13

In the 1940s, Paul F. Titterington, a doctor and avocational archaeologist, excavated several prehistoric burial mounds in Calhoun County, Illinois. In this report, David Braun and James Griffin present Titterington’s research.

The Snodgrass Site of the Powers Phase of Southeast Missouri

James E. Price and James B. Griffin

AP 66

In this volume, the authors report on the complete excavation of the Snodgrass site, a prehistoric Mississippian village in southeast Missouri. More than 30 structures were completely excavated over seven years of fieldwork. Price and Griffin present descriptions and analyses of the structures, artifacts (primarily lithics and ceramics), and burials found at the site. Their work provides a look at the social complexity and patterned lifeways that existed within a prehistoric village population.

For the Director: Research Essays in Honor of James B. Griffin

Charles E. Cleland, ed.

AP 61

In 1975, James B. Griffin retired as director of the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology. During his three decades as director and professor, he had become one of the leading archaeologists in North America and had tremendous influence over the next generation of archaeological research. To honor the man and his work, nineteen scholars contributed essays to this volume.

The Burial Complexes of the Knight and Norton Mounds in Illinois and Michigan

James B. Griffin, Richard E. Flanders, Paul F. Titterington

M 2

In this volume, the authors collect data from various sources on the excavations of two groups of prehistoric burial mounds: the Knight Mound Group in Calhoun County, Illinois, and the Norton Mound Group in Kent County, Michigan. Includes more than 200 b&w maps, illustrations, and photographs.

The Fort Ancient Aspect

James Bennett Griffin

AP 28

James B. Griffin presents an analysis of the archaeological remains from central Ohio Valley. He reports on sites in Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky, including the Baum site, the Feurt site, the Madisonville site, and more. This encyclopedic work is based in large part on Griffin’s study of the pottery collection in the Ceramic Repository for the Eastern United States, held at the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology. Lavishly illustrated with 185 black and white photographs, maps, and figures.

Lake Superior Copper and the Indians: Miscellaneous Studies of Great Lakes Prehistory

James B. Griffin

AP 17

In this classic work, editor James B. Griffin presents research on the prehistoric inhabitants of the Lake Superior region. Griffin and Roy W. Drier report on Isle Royale excavations and archaeological finds; Griffin and George I. Quimby write about prehistoric copper pits and related artifacts in Ontario and Manitoba; William C. Root reports on copper artifacts from southern Michigan; and Tyler Bastian writes a review of metallographic studies of prehistoric copper artifacts in North America.

Essays on Archaeological Methods

James B. Griffin, ed.

AP 8

James B. Griffin edited this collection of essays, written by leading archaeologists of the time, on best practices for field and laboratory work. The hope was to improve the practice of archaeology and stimulate further research. Contributions by Albert C. Spaulding, Junius Bird, Frederick R. Matson, and others.