Imaging in Astronomy

Notes from Imaging in Astronomy J2014/J2016 at Johns Hopkins University

The notes here are mostly from the 2014 class, when I managed to nicely copy them over. Not every class was lecture style, which is why there are only 3 lectures worth of notes. The 2016 class was similar with a few extra demos. If I were to teach a class like this in the future, I would try to incorporate a few more “active learning” activities, especially peer-coding.

2016 syllabus download

Lecture 1 – Fundamentals of optics

Lecture 2 – Fundamentals of Detection

Lecture 3 – Practical Imaging in Optical & IR

Not included in notes: Interferometry demo with aluminum foil, IR camera demo (looking at a glass window, through a seemingly opaque black garbage bag, seeing reflections off the chalkboard), galileoscope demo, student projects & presentations.

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