New paper by Loughney and Badgley

A new paper by Katharine Loughney and Catherine Badgley appears in the current issue of Palaios. Check it out on the Palaios website!

Loughney, K. M., and Badgley, C. 2020. The influence of depositional environment and basin history on the taphonomy of mammalian assemblages from the Barstow Formation (Middle Miocene), California. Palaios 35(4): 175-190.

Western Transect Field Trip, May 2019

Current and former Badgley Lab members participate in a five-day field trip through western Nevada, Death Valley National Park, and the Mojave Desert, California. The field trip, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, brings together 30 faculty, students, and researchers from 14 institutions in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Toiyabe Range, Nevada