Congratulations Megan!!

We are happy, pleased, excited, and ecstatic that lab PD Megan Van Etten has accepted a TT Assistant Professor position at Penn State Worthington! Megan’s work on the morning glory/RoundUp project has led to crucial discoveries about the nature of fitness costs across populations of this species as well as the genetic basis of resistance among populations (work to come!!). She has also examined the influence of the breeding system on plant weeds and introduced species (work In Press!) and the transcriptomic basis of inbreeding depression. Megan will continue her work on human-mediated selection and its influence on plant populations at Penn. We are sad she will be leaving, but oh so excited that she will begin building her lab and teaching!

Congrats Megan!!

Congrats to Sara!!

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 4.12.52 PMSara recently passed the EEB department preliminary examinations which consisted of two parts: an oral exam and a grant proposal. She will be continuing her research in belowground root character displacement in I. hederacea and I. purpurea. Congrats! You are one step closer to getting your PhD!

Welcome Malia!

IMG_4563Malia has joined the lab as our new Research Technician! She will be continuing projects in the lab such as determining genetic basis of leaf shape in I. trifida. She previously lived in Salem, OR where she was acquiring her B.A. in Biology. She is generally interested in using genetic data to answer empirical applied questions in conservation biology. We are excited for her to join the lab!!

Welcome Sonal!

ImageSonal previously finished her Master’s degree at Jawaharlal Nehru University with a M.T. in Computational and Systems Biology. She joined the EEB department as a PhD student in the Fall 2016 and is generally interested in Evolutionary Genetics. We are excited to have her join the lab!!