“Blue and White”

bluewhiteOne of the things I like to do when I accompany tours in China, or anywhere else for that matter, is to practice my meager point-and-shoot skills with my Canon Digital Rebel camera. Some day, perhaps, I will bother to learn what more of those dials and buttons are about. For now, however, I am the master of instant decision-making and no-cropping-allowed composition, particularly in making candid portraits of people.

Earlier this year, the “Green Beijing” people held a photo contest: Green Beijing through the Eyes of Foreign Friends.

There were 3197 images submitted, so I was happy to be one of the 50 pictures awarded a cash prize.

The Liberal Art of Chemistry

Earlier this year, I was honored to be named as one of the 3 Finalists for the Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching. You can get information and see the videos of the Finalists here (for as long as this link lasts):


The school paper did a pretty nice job of covering my talk, titled The Liberal Art of Chemistry: Stories about Human Nature. I think the picture they selected was really funny. It looks like it should be part of a “caption this” contest. What I would really like to do is photoshop forward the stuff on the board and fill in the stuff I am standing in front of, to make it look like I am writing on some clear surface in front of me.