“Evening Snow”

“Evening Snow” (2014)
by Barbara Kacicek (1957-)
11×14 in., oil on cradled panel
Coppola Collection

Barbara had done a square shaped composition of this scene and it was still posted at her site. Not only did the serene evening snow come through the painting, but these deep blue-violet tones evoke Maxfield Parrish, to me, and I love me some Parrish. The painting was long gone, but she would entertain re-imagining it for me.

From Barbara:

I started the ‘re-imagined’ 11”x14” ‘Evening Snow’ on a panel I had prepared for another painting but the texture I had initially created with the ground’s brushstrokes proved to be too intense for the subtle blending of the sky, so in frustration I had to scrap the whole painting. I made a second version on stretched canvas (just like the original 12”x12”) but that one is drying a little oddly and may or may not even out with a coat of varnish. Rather than wait to find out the fate of that painting, I made a third version on a smooth 1.5” cradled panel which is the one you’re seeing here. It’s been quite the challenge, as you tend to offer up to me! Third time’s the charm … 🙂

Your suggestion to turn the composition from square to rectangular was a good one. I love the new and improved version much more than the original!