“Fantastic Four Annual 2, ‘Final Victory…’ page 15” (September 1964)

“Fantastic Four Annual 2, ‘Final Victory…’ page 15” (September 1964)
by Jack Kirby (1917-1994) and Chic Stone (1923-2000)
15 x 18 in., ink on paper
Coppola Collection

Back on Earth, Doom reaches the Latverian embassy and begins formulating a trap. With the FF unaware that Doom is really the ruler of Latveria, he invites them to a party, putting a drug in their drinks to make them see illusions. He tricks them all into thinking they’re being attacked by the others before they eventually realize his machinations.

Fifty Years Ago!

Fifty years ago this month, I was starting third grade and the second FF Annual hit the stands. I would not be collecting Marvel comics for a couple of year, yet.

But these were the days! A 25-cent book with 72 pages, these were Big Events at double the price of a regular book, and pretty taxing on your 50-cent to dollar-a-week allowance… and they were worth every cent.

This page is one of the crown jewels. All four team members… displaying powers… in-fighting… and the appearance of Dr Doom.