“Super Sentinel II”

Super Sentinel II” (2008)
by Max Grundy (1977-)
25 x 35 in., enamel on aluminum
Coppola Collection

As I wrote, elsewhere (see the entry under “Iron Man by KMNDZ”), in 2008 there was a fantastic art tribute to Stan Lee hosted by LA’s “Gallery 1998,” in which a variety of non-comics artists provided interpretations, sometimes wildly divergent ones, of Marvel characters. I was only able to pick up that sweet, sweet Iron Man piece, which was my #1 choice.

The “Super Sentinel” by Max Grundy that was exhibited there was a close tie for second place, but it had already been sold (the one from the Stan Lee exhibit was 31×42, enamel on Aluminum). I had sent a message to Max, right away, about doing a commission, and we have gone around with that for a few years. When I contacted him in early 2015, I mentioned again that it was the Super Sentinel piece that I had actually wanted and I was bummed that it had been swooped away.



That little fact had not quite registered with Max, and he wrote back that he had done a second Super Sentinel at about the same time, with a few modifications to the design and the color scheme. It was a bit smaller (25×35), but was I interested in it. [Yes] And I could get it soon but not right away, because it was in a gallery [OK].

And, oh, by the way… the person who bought the first one, from the Gallery 1998 show: JJ Abrams. [yowzer]

Take that, JJ.

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