“Tales to Astonish #87: Sub-Mariner p 12” (January 1967)

“Tales to Astonish #87: Sub-Mariner p 12” (January 1967)
by Bill Everett (1917-1973)
12.5 x 18.5 in., ink on paper
Coppola Collection

After Krang is disposed of, Namor summons Lady Dorma and explains that he had learned the truth about her siding with Krang and tells her that all is forgiven as she had sided with Namor’s enemy to insure his safety and that she is once more welcome at his side as his chosen mate. They then address the people of Atlantis once more where they are cheered on by it’s people.

Fifty years ago!

Bill Everett, the artist on this page, created the Sub-Mariner character in 1939. Sub-Mariner, along with Captain America and the Human Torch, were the “big three” heroes of Timely Comics, the WWII predecessor of the Marvel Comics Group.

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