You Just Never Know

You might recall this cartoon, from December 2012:
AuthorshipF2Late last year, I got this message:

Dear Prof. Coppola, 

I work at the “Platform Responsible Research and Innovation in Academic Practice” at the University of Vienna (Austria). Under the leadership of the head of the platform Prof. Ulrike Felt, our team has developed a card-based discussion method for reflecting issues of responsibility in research ( If you follow the link, you will read how we use the cartoons: we have included them into our method to ease the mood during discussion sessions to make the discussion fluid and open. See: Felt, U., Schumann, S., Schwarz, C. G., & Strassnig, M. (2014). Technology of imagination: a card-based public engagement method for debating emerging technologies. Qualitative Research, 14(2), 233-251.


Currently we consider using one of your hilarious cartoons as well. It is called: ‘All authors are equal… but some are more equal than others.’ In, Diane Scott-Lichter “Authorship disputes: me first, me equally, me too, not me” Learned Publications, 2012, 25, 83-85. We also want to publish the card-based method at a later point (open access) at our university ( to make it available to others. For that purpose we kindly ask you for your permission to use the cartoon. I want to emphasize that we use the cartoons only to open up a reflection within the scientific community and for scientific purposes only!

Did I give permission?

You betchersweetass I did.

I got this in the mail recently:

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