“#2 Adam”

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#1 Adam” (ca. 2000-02)
by T. L. Lange (1965-2002)
48 x 48 in., mixed media on canvas
Delta Airlines SkyClub (North DTW Gate 64)

This painting is in one of the Delta SkyClub locations at Detroit Metro. And I really like it, and have admired it for years… and you know what THAT means.

I would go directly to the artist, but Lange committed suicide on January 23rd, 2002 at age 36.

So about a year ago I asked them if I could buy it. They had information about the artist in a folder: “#1 Adam” by T. L. Lange (you can look him up).

I had some fun email exchanges with Delta Airlines and with the Detroit Transportation Authority.

I want this painting.

So, this person, Tessa, was having a Kickstarter and I liked a couple of her pieces.

Her painting of the little hands, and the bird with a sky in it. I liked… so I picked up the commissioned 9×12 and figured she might take on “#2 Adam” for me.

I offered her a few different ideas, but said that I though she might be able to handle an homage interpretation of Lange’s “#1 Adam” for me… and she agreed.

Here are the first and second progress reports. Stay tuned for more.

AdamTessa001 AdamTessa002


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