“#2 Adam” (update)

I described the history of my interest in the TL Lange painting titled “#1 Adam” a while back.

#1 Adam” (ca. 2000-02)
by T. L. Lange (1965-2002)
48 x 48 in., mixed media on canvas
Delta Airlines SkyClub (North DTW Gate 64)

As a part of her Kickstarter, I picked up a 9 x 12 inch commission from Tessa, and she has provided me with a quite nice homage on “#1 Adam.”

#2 Adam” (2017)
by Tessa Kindred (1989-)
9 x 12 in., watercolor and acrylic on paper
Coppola Collection

There is one original left from the series of paintings that “#1 Adam” was a part of. Ironically enough, it is called “Brian 8” –

Brian 8” (ca. 2000-02)
by T. L. Lange (1965-2002)
50 x 46.5 in., oil on canvas
available from Grand Image for waaaay too much money

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