“Pomegranate in Last Light”

“Pomegranate in Last Light” (2016)
by Abbey Ryan (1979-)
4 × 5 in., oil on linen on a panel
Coppola Collection

To me, all art forms are a virtual reality. Our own perceptions of the world are (in my view) wholly unique. Through art, we get to experience (to some small degree) the perception of the world as experienced by someone else.

Yes, yes, yes… I know… the reading of the performance is still filtered by our own perceptions. On the other hand, the artist has been able to externalize the internal, which brings us a little closer to the shared experience.

I like to think about how Abbey was seeing this pomegranate, the aspects that stood out, and the decisions to lay down the colors and tones in a way that represented what it was she was seeing.

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