“Kanazawa Yajiro Kaikokukidan” (1805)

“Kanazawa Yajiro Kaikokukidan” (1805)
by Katsushika Hokushu (artist, listed as active ca. 1810-1832) and
Kanwatei Onitake (writer, 1760-1818)
17 x 12.5 cm, 10 pp, woodprint on paper
Coppola Collection

This is a book. What I liked about it were the original sketches and doodles. This is potentially a quite early work, from before the period where he is listed as being active.

Shunkôsai Hokushû Personal name Shima Jinsen; pupil of Shôkôsai Hanbei; briefly associated with the Edo master Katsushika Hokusai during a visit to Osaka in 1818.

Arguably the most important print artist in Osaka during the 1810s-20s, designing many printed masterpieces; influenced by the Edo master Katsushika Hokusai (Keikô Fujida of the Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art, Yamaguchi City, identifies the shape of feet and wrinkled garment lines as being particulary derived from Hokusai); credited with establishing the mature Osaka style in the ôban format; widely influential through his printmaking and teaching.

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