Anatomy of a Commission (II) – continued

Previously, the big bronze fire rooster, with its highlights in copper and with ebony and ivory inlays, was completed. Here it is again:

“1957 Fire Rooster 2017” (2017)
by Daniel Macchiarini (1954-)
3.5 x 3.5 in. base with a 4.5 in. rooster,
in bronze with ebony and ivory inlays and copper highlights
Coppola Collection

It’s a Chinese-style name stamp with my adopted Chinese name (高伯乐), imagined after my request and fabricated by Daniel Macchiarini, because you only turn 60 once, and the sign of the fire rooster just came around again for the first time since 1957.

The companion piece, cast in gold and adorned with diamonds and rubies, is almost done. He’s cast, and the big diamond is in his rebellious, outstretched claw. The inset adornments in the name block are remaining to be done. And you can see that it really, really works!

“1957 Fire Rooster 2017 – Gold Edition” (2017)
by Daniel Macchiarini (1954-)
1 x 1 in. base with a 2 in. rooster,
in gold with inlays of diamond and ruby
Coppola Collection

In fact, they both do.

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