Anatomy of a Commission (II) – concluded

“1957 Fire Rooster 2017 – Gold Edition” (2017)
by Daniel Macchiarini (1954-)
1 x 1 in. base with a 2 in. rooster,
in gold with inlays of diamond and ruby
Coppola Collection

The gem inlays are in place and the weighty, 4-0unce masterpiece is done and in hand just as the Year of the Fire Rooster comes to an end.

And this one side-by-side with its larger bronze version, with the first-ever impressions taken from the stamps, and which I got to make.

If you are ever in San Francisco, head up to 1544 Grant Ave in North Beach and visit Danny Macchiarini. Be sure to pay proper homage to the Monkey King.

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