“Not Brand Echh” #5 p 3  (December 1967)

“Not Brand Echh” #5 p 3  (December 1967)
by Gene Colan (1926-2011)and John Tartaglione (1921-2003)
13 x 20 in., ink on paper
Coppola Collection

Fifty Years Ago!

Marvel Comics’ superhero-satire comic book “Not Brand Echh” ran for 13 issues (cover-dated Aug. 1967 – May 1969). The series title was a play on an advertising convention of the time, in which a competitor’s product was not referred to by name, but simply as “Brand X.”

Rival and then-dominant comics company DC was sometimes playfully called “Brand Echh” in Marvel letters pages, hence this comic was “Not Brand Echh.”

This page is from “The Revengers Vs. Charlie America,” which satirizes the bellweather events of Avengers #4 when the four remaining original Avengers discovered Captain America floating in a block of ice, marking his return to the modern age of comics from the WWII era.

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