Grendel #16 Interlude p 6 (1988)

Grendel #16 Interlude p 6 (1988)
by Matt Wagner (1961-)
13 x 17 in, acrylic on paper
Coppola Collection

In between Mage: The Hero Discovered (Feb 1984 – Dec 1986) and Mage: The Hero Defined (Jul 1997 – Oct 1999), creator Matt Wagner published two Interlude stories. The first of these, a 24-page story, ran serially for 4 issues as a backup in Grendel #16-19 (Jan-Apr 1988).

This is the sixth page from the first part of the story, told in French, in which Etienne and Marie rendezvous. Etienne becomes a horse from a sculpture in the fountain.

Things get steamy, then things get weird. Evil yellow horse eyes.

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