Mid-Ohio Con 1987 (sketches)

Mid-Ohio Con 1987 (sketches)
8.5 x 11 board, ink and marker and whatever
Coppola Collection

The Mid-Ohio Comic “Con” (Convention) was founded in 1980. Over the years, the show often raised money for various high-profile charities. Initially, the convention was held in various venues throughout central Ohio before settling in Columbus, where it has been located since 1993. The original founder retired in 2008, and after a couple of years of bouncing around, Wizard Entertainment acquired the Mid-Ohio Con in 2010.

In November 1987 (Fairhaven Hall, Richland County Fairgrounds, Mansfield), the guest of honor was Dave Sim (Cerebus), and other notable guests included Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird (TMNT), John Byrne (two years into his Superman reboot), and Matt Wagner (Mage and Grendel).

This board of autographs and sketches was collected at the 1987 Mid-Ohio Con.

Featuring (from the upper left), and what they were doing at the time:

Mike Grell (1947-) writer; self-portrait as “Green Arrow”
Chuck Dixon (1954-) writer; First Comics “Evangeline” and Eclipse Comics “Airboy”
John Byrne (1950-) writer/artist; DC Comics at the height of the “Superman” reboot
Dick Giordano (1932-2010) editor; DC Comics (earlier, noted inker on “Batman”)
Matt Wagner (1961-) writer/artist; Comico “Grendel” and “Mage” (first series)
Kevin Eastman (1962-) writer/artist; Mirage “TMNT” (just prior to 1988 licensing)
Stephen Murphy (ca. 1960-) writer; Aardvark One International: “Puma Blues”
Scott Beaderstadt (1962-) writer/artist; Comico “Trollords”
Paul Fricke (1964-) artist; Comico “Trollords”
Michael Zulli (1952-) artist; Aardvark One International: “Puma Blues”
Dave Sim (1956-) writer/artist; Aardvark Vanaheim “Cerebus”
Gerhard (1959-) artist; Aardvark Vanaheim “Cerebus”
Lurene Haines (1958-) DC “Green Arrow”
Steve Bissette (1955-) artist; DC “Swamp Thing” (swamp thing eye)
Peter Laird (1954-) writer/artist; Mirage “TMNT” (just prior to 1988 licensing)

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