Bringing ‘Em Over

“Bringing ‘Em Over” (01/27/1944)
in “Out Our Way”
by James (JR) Williams (1888-1957)
13 x 13 in., ink on board
Coppola Collection

Out Our Way first appeared in newspapers on March 20, 1922. The single-panel series introduced a variety of characters, typically labor and blue collar slice of life scenes.  Anecdotal stories indicate that more Williams’ cartoons were clipped and saved than were other newspaper comics.

I’m not 100% sure about the context for this one.

It could refer to the “War Refugee Board.”

The War Refugee Board was established by FDR on January 22, 1944 ( Executive Order 9417). The Board was formed to aid civilian victims of the Axis powers. The Board was, in the words of historian Rebecca Erbelding, “the only time in American history that the US government founded a non-military government agency to save the lives of civilians being murdered by a wartime enemy.”


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