Strangers in Paradise III #50 p 17

Strangers in Paradise III #50 p 17
by Terry Moore (1954- )
11 x 17 in., ink on board
Coppola Collection

Terry Moore is under-appreciated. He’s a terrific artist and writer.

He began his universe-building with Strangers in Paradisevol I (3 issues, 1993-94), and followed with volume II (13 issues, 1994-96). He then moved to volume III, a complex 90-issue story that ran from 1996-2007. The series is a terrific character study against the backdrop of an international crime and spy syndicate.

After the end of SIP III, he did three seemingly separate stories: Echo(30 issues, 2008-11), Rachel Rising(42 issues, 2011-16), and Motor Girl(10 issues, 2016-17), although there was evidence that these characters all reside in the same universe as one another and SIP.

He returned to SIP, 25 years after its premiere, with Strangers in Paradise XXV(2018-), in which he not only brings us up to date with the SIP crew, but has now integrated the storylines from all four of these series.

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