“Father was Right”

“Father was Right” (02/22/1939)
by Leo Iven Egli (1892-1966)
14 x 18 in., ink on board
Coppola Collection

The official start if WW2 was still months away, and Pearl Harbor even longer. Coming out of WWI, US isolationism was exceptionally high, and FDR’s belief that the US had a importance global role was tempered by popular opinion.

Egli was the cartoonist for the Ohio State Journal (1937-1947). Egli’s signature character, Leo the Lion Cub, appears here (Egli also worked at the Wichita KS Eagle 1932-1937; Licking County Weekly 1949-1951; and the Zanesville Times-Signal 1952-1953). His widow bequeathed their collection of more than 500 original cartoons to the Ohio State University libraries.

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