“Spark Man” in Sparkler Comics #23 (Jul 1943) p 16

“Spark Man” in Sparkler Comics #23 (Jul 1943) p 16
by Fred Methot and Reg Greenwood (1899-1943)
13.5 x 19.5 in., ink on board
Coppola Collection

Omar Kavak, a classical violinist, discovered a way to absorb an electrical charge without harm and decided to use this power to fight crime. Inventing a pair of gloves which would allow him to discharge lightning through his hands, he became Sparkman. Eventually, after several superhero adventures, he enlisted in the army and became a non-costumed, super-powered soldier who fought the Japanese.

He appeared in Sparkler Comics vol. 2 #1-30 (Jul 1940 – Feb 1944) , 40 (Jan 1945), and in Spark Man #1 (1945). His real name was a mystery until Sparkler Comics vol. 2 #10.

Methot and Greenwood (1899-1943) are credited with Spark Man, in Sparkler, as well as The Mirror Man and The Triple Terror, both introduced in Tip Top Comics (Oct 1940).  Methot and Greenwood (1899-1943) are credited with The Mirror Man stories through Tip Top Comics 87 (August 1943), which was presumably Greenwood’s last story because he is listed as dying in 1943). The more noted Paul Berdanier (1879-1961) took over The Triple Terror and did one Mirror Man story (TTC 88, September 1943).

Greenwood is credited with the Spark Man stories through Sparkler #25 (Sept 1943), with Berdanier taking over in issue #26, after Greenwood’s death.

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