“One Rings While the Other Tolls”

“One Rings While the Other Tolls” (July 4, 1944)
by Daniel Sanborn Bishop (1900-1959)
15 x 17 in., ink on board
Coppola Collection

Bishop studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating, Bishop joined the Oregon Journal as its editorial cartoonist in 1920 and then moved to the St. Louis Star Times in 1925. He played the trumpet in his spare time and was a member of the Portland Symphony Orchestra.

Following the D-Day invasion of June 1944, the Allies broke out of Normandy and advanced rapidly across France and Belgium. Hitler aimed to halt them by a surprise Blitzkrieg. Several armored divisions massed in the Ardennes with the goal of breaking through Allied lines. American forces held on stubbornly in spite of heavy casualties— more than 19,000 died. The Germans had limited supplies and could only fight for few days to before fuel and ammunition ran out, so the offensive soon ran out of steam. Allied lines “bulged” but did not break, and hundreds of thousands of reinforcements poured into the area. Afterwards, Germany lacked resources for another offensive and the end was inevitable.

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