“Boy Heroes” #1 (unpublished) p 17 (1946)

“Boy Heroes” #1 (unpublished) p 17 (1946)
by Ernie Schroeder (1916-2008)
14 x 23 in., ink on paper
Coppola Collection

The “Boy Heroes” appeared in All-New Comics 6-12, 15 (maybe; I have not seen this issue), plus Humphrey Comics 4, and (according to Frank Johnson and John Morrow, Kirby Collector #7, Oct 1995, pp 146-7) a 1946 story that was scheduled for a stand-alone Boys Heroes #1, planned at Harvey Comics, that was never published.

I’ve got 8 of the 9 pages from the origin story (All-New Comics 6), and 4 of the pages from this unpublished story. The art if attributed to Ernie Schroeder, whose earliest attributed comics work is a story that appears in All-New #7.

The four pages in this set (see page 45 for the best scan of the page label) are marked “Issue #1” and “Mag: Boy Heroes” with a number over white-out in each case. You can see this was originally scheduled for All-New). Six other pages have appeared in auctions since 2006, possibly coming from Schroeder’s estate.

The comic features the Boy Heroes characters, and it is set during WW2 as the boys are tangling with the crew on a Japanese submarine.

Happy to learn anything else about this story.


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