The Recipes

I am also making some of my recipes public (slowly) as I get around to it. I have plenty of others written down, and I am more than happy to share. I have never met a recipe that I was not willing to play with. Most of these are improvisations of two or more ideas that I got elsewhere.

There is nothing that special about these recipes. Diabetes is not an allergy and I am actually able to eat anything; I have simply elected to believe what we have been warned about for years: too many refined carbs and sugars. I am continuing to monitor and govern the daily intake of nutrients, so there is a bunch of stuff I am not willing to eat because even a portion of a serving flings me over my thresholds (and, for that matter, everyone else’s thresholds, too).


The web sites I keep an eye on:

(1) Best diabetic-friendly, automatically OK recipes most of the time

(2) Usually as diabetic-friendly as claimed, and plenty of good ideas

(3) Just good or fun foods, recipes to adapt and play with