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Multimedia Videos

‘Liking’ (facial affective reactions to tastes):

Affective taste ‘liking’/’disliking’ expressions: Human babies, adult apes, monkeys, and rats

Short affective taste clip: human babies rats only.

Based On (PDF) (PDF) (PDF) (PDF)

‘Fearful’ (natural defensive & anti-predator reaction):

Fearful defensive treading in the wild: squirrels & rattlesnakes

From BBC & National Geographic, provided by & based on research by Profs. D.H. Owings & R.G. Coss

Fearful defensive treading in lab: rat accumbens 

Based On (PDF) (PDF)

Incentive salience ‘Motivational magnet’:

Rats try to eat their preferred Pavlovian conditioned stimulus after opioid microinjection in amygdala 

‘Action Syntax’ (instinctive syntactic grooming chains):

Syntactic grooming chain of rats

based on (PDF)

Semantic evolution from groom syntax: Squirrel signals

based on (PDF)

Hyperdopaminergic syntactic chain grooming

based on (PDF)

Videos from journal articles or scientific conferences:

Optogenetic excitation of central amygdala amplifies and narrows incentive motivation to pursue one reward above another.

based on (PDF)

Instant transformation of learned repulsion into motivational ‘wanting’

based on (PDF)

From prediction error to incentive salience

based on (PDF)

Science of Craving by Amy Fleming in the Economist’s Intelligent Life

Craving, Addiction & Desire: Scientific & Philosophical Dialogue with the Dalai Lama Dharamsala, India – November 2013

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