Evolutionary Anthropology Major

Evolutionary Anthropology is a joint major, with courses in the Anthropology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Geological Sciences, Molecular and Cellular, and Developmental Biology, and Psychology Departments and the School of Natural Resources and the Environment. It combines anthropological and biological perspectives in the study of humans and related species. It is particularly appropriate for students planning to continue in the health sciences and for students interested in “whole organism” biology and ecology. Thus, many Evolutionary Anthropology concentrators are training for medical school, while others are planning to pursue careers in Natural Resource Management, Conservation, Animal Behavior and a variety of other fields. Because evolutionary biology forms its primary theoretical basis, the major does not require courses in other sub-disciplines of anthropology. Students who are interested in biological anthropology and seek broader training in anthropological archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology may pursue a degree as an Anthropology concentrator. Students should contact the undergraduate advisor in the Department of Anthropology for further information.

Evolutionary Anthropology Summer 2014 or Earlier Requirements

Evolutionary Anthropology Fall 2014 and Beyond Requirements