Location – Michigan Tissue Barriers Biology Group


Kellogg Eye Center – Tuesday, November 19

Biological Sciences Building – Wednesday, November 20

Participating Core Facilities

Biomedical Research Microscopy Core Facility
Super-resolutionmicroscopes: Nikon SIM, expansion microscopy, Leica 1X STED
Contact: Aaron Taylor (Managing Director)
Biomedical Sciences Research Building (BSRB), Rm A830: 734-763-1170North Campus Research Complex Building 20 (NCRC), Rm 53S: 734-763-0703
Medical Sciences II (Med Sci II), Rm 5631: 734-647-8251

MCDB Imaging Labs
Super-resolution microscope: Leica 3D STED
Contact: Gregg Sobocinski (Manager)
Biological Sciences Building (BSB), Basement imaging suite: 734-615-2034

SMART Center
Super-resolution microscope: Customer-assisted single particle localization and tracking microscopy
Contact: Damon Hoff (SMART Center Manager); Nils Walter (SMART Center Director, Professor of Chemistry) –Chemistry Building, Rm 3080: 734-763-5449




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