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Below are some announcements for this week.

EEB Communications Assistant
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB) is looking to hire a student Communications Assistant to assist the Communications Specialist 6-8 per week with planning and implementing programs and services dedicated to engaging students in the arts at the University of Michigan.

Work will specifically involve basic web maintenance, some social media writing, and a heavy focus on writing department thank-you cards for donors. Good penmanship and attention to detail are required. This position will also cover our front desk to greet guests, students, faculty, and staff on occasion. Interested students can apply here.

BHS Drop-In Advising
The Program in Biology is excited to invite you to attend drop-in advising during the Winter term. In-person and virtual appointments are available, and you can sign up here. Please note that drop-in advising is for course planning or quick questions, and not for declaring your major or obtaining a release. For help with these processes, please see the information on our advising page.

Primate Behavior and Conservation Field Course in Uganda

The Semliki Chimpanzee Project is now accepting applications for its Primate Behavior and Conservation field course in Uganda. The course dates are June 12-26, 2023. Students can participate on a credit or non-credit basis.

Students will gain an in-depth understanding of Uganda culture, geography and wildlife. They will attend lectures on Ugandan conservation and wildlife by a guest lecturer from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (the national parks oversight organization); they will learn about the Ugandan independence and Kampala city history; they will visit the Entebbe Zoo where they will see a wide variety of Ugandan wildlife; they will live in tents in Semliki surrounded by wildlife including warthogs, kob, bushbuck, baboons, chimpanzees, redtail monkeys and forest elephants; at dusk they will be serenaded by black and white colobus (among the loudest animals on the planet) and during the night they will hear bushbabies and owls; they may see a nocturnal potto in the tamarind tree near the toilets; they will visit the famed Queen Elizabeth National Park where they will see wildlife such as millions of Uganda kob as well as elephants, hippos, crocodiles, banded mongoose, vervets, baboons and possibly lions; they will visit local markets in Ntoroko, Karagutu and Fort Portal; at Lake Albert they will see the famous and rare shoebill stork; they will look out over the famed Rift Valley, a mile below them, from the top of the rift escarpment; they will visit a tea plantation and see the harvesting and drying of the famous Ugandan tea (and receive a free sample); they will visit a smallholder family farm to see how self-sustaining families manage to produce their own vegetables, protein and natural products on a family-owned plot of land; they will trek gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. They will be immersed in Ugandan culture, nature and animals and guided by Ugandans and instructors with decades of experience in Uganda and all of Africa.

For more information and to apply, visit The Semliki Chimpanzee Project Field School (

If you have any questions, please contact us at kdingess.

Research Opportunity in Michigan Medicine Pediatrics

I am writing in regard to an opening for undergraduate research assistants, and I was wondering if this opportunity could be shared in the Program in Biology and Neuroscience Newsletter and/or any other form of communication you may use to target interested students.

The Munzer Lab in Michigan Medicine’s Department of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics is accepting volunteer or work-study students to assist in home visits, which are on track to begin in March and continue throughout the year. It’s a great opportunity to gain in-person research experience. I have attached a more detailed description of the position and would be happy to answer any questions that students may have about the role.

Have a good rest of your week!


Biology Peer Advisors

Moms Babies Study – Research Opportunity.doc

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