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Below are some announcements from the Program in Biology:

Winter 2023 Commencement Receptions
All graduating seniors are invited to a commencement ceremony for their major hosted by the Program in Biology. RSVP information was sent to graduates on March 10th, and a general schedule can be found on our website. Note: if you have already submitted your RSVP and your expected number of guests has changed, you do not need to notify us.

Science Communication Workshop with Jacqueline Goldstein
Join MiSciWriters on zoom for a workshop with science communicator Jacqueline Goldstein coming up March 28th at 3:30pm! In this event, learn exactly what it means to communicate science, and how important it is to remember who your audience is in communicating. Please RSVP here!

In preparation for this event, Jacqueline has asked everyone to prepare to discuss this prompt:
Think about one main idea from science research that you want to communicate. Then identify two people with whom you want to communicate that idea: (1) someone you know within academia and (2) someone you know outside academia.

The first half of the session will be the workshop, with the last half hour for questions and networking. We hope to see you there!!

Biologic & Materials Sciences & Prosthodontics Lab Positions
The lab’s primary focus is understanding how cells organize to form diverse
tissue morphologies during normal and pathological development, using
the developing skeletal system in the mouse, and the early fruit fly

The first research assistant position will focus on both "wet"
laboratory work with mice, developing advanced microscopy methods for
3D imaging of whole cartilage tissue at single-cell resolution, and
utilization of image processing techniques to analyze the activity of
the cells and their impact on the evolving morphology of the whole
cartilage. For this position computational background is advantageous
but not a must, prior experience in microscopy is not required, and
experience in working with mice is a bonus. For a related demo video,

The second research assistant position will focus on developing an AI
approach for reconstructing the complete cell lineage tree of the
fruit fly during early development based on cutting-edge 4D (3D+time)
microscopy data. For this position extensive computational/programming
background is required, yet prior knowledge in image processing or AI
is not expected. For two related demo videos, see:,

Our lab advocates long-term one-on-one mentoring, which allows us to
identify together the type of science that best fits each individual
student’s strengths and interests. Both positions are expected to
start early in April as part-time and continue full-time during the

Talented and highly motivated students should send their CV/Resume
with most recent transcript to: tomers

Med App 23-24 Registration Open

Are you applying to medical school this summer? Then you should register for Med App 23-24!

Med App 23-24 is a Canvas powered mini-series, sponsored by the University Career Center, that will help you through the application process with insights on various topics such as applying to colleges through AMCAS, writing your personal statement, and taking the MCAT, CASPer and PREview assessments. We will also share information about events, opportunities, and articles relevant to (pre-)medical education and practice.

The Canvas site will launch in April. Register at today!

Geomicrobiology Course Offering
Attached in this email is an ad for EARTH 413 for microbiology majors

Summer Positions for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

for Summer 2023!

Looking for a summer job?
The K-20 programs team in the Office of Culture, Community and Equity is hiring staff to support our high school summer engineering programs!

Quick Facts:

  • Terms of employment – End of June through the first week of August
  • All majors are encouraged to apply!
    • STEM majors are encouraged to apply for our Program Advisor roles
    • Non-STEM majors are encouraged to apply for our Student Life Advisor and Residential Advisor roles!

Roles Available

STEM Majors should consider…
Program Advisor

  • Lead, engage, and coach a small cohort of pre-college students as they complete engineering and mathematical tasks.
  • Assist with the informal evaluation of student performance and in maintaining attendance & participation records.
  • Serve as a tutor during office hours on a rotating basis.

Typical Work Hours:
Monday-Friday (8:00 AM – 1:00 PM)
Includes occasional weekends
PA position $16+/hr

Non-STEM Majors should consider…
Student Life Advisor

  • Participate in the implementation of experiential activities with the summer participants.
  • Manage all extracurricular activities related to engineering, science enrichment, departmental tours, cultural enrichment, social networking, recreation, and career and professional development.
  • Accompany students during evening and weekend events.

Typical Work Hours:
Monday-Friday 12:00 pm-5:30 pm
Occasional weekends
SA position $16+/hr

Residential Advisor

  • Oversee youth participants during evening and overnight hours in compliance with U-M Children on Campus regulations.
  • Supervise and lead the enrichment of participants in the residence hall, as well as, assist with the planning and implementing of non-classroom activities during the evenings and weekends

Typical Work Hours:
Daily 4:00 pm- 9:00 pm
Duty rotation
Housing and $16+/hr
RC position $22+/hr


Have a good rest of your week!

Biology Peer Advisors


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