Lab Team

Claudius Vincenz, Ph.D. :

Claudius Vincenz, Ph.D.

My background is in molecular and cellular biology, with a special interest in histone modifications and epigenetic mechanisms that involve chromatin. The research group relies on me for molecular expertise to design and execute the laboratory part of the epigenetics project. I also have gained an understanding of the field work and an appreciation for the field team and the study subjects during my extended stays in Mali.

Cathy Smith :

Cathy Smith

I am a research technician intermediate in the lab. I write computer programs in R to extract family structure data from the Dogon pedigrees and also create structural equation models to study early predictors of maturation timing within the Dogon.

Allysha Choudhury :

Allysha Choudhury

I graduated with a B.S. in Biological Anthropology from the University of Michigan (’14) and currently work as a research assistant in the group’s computational laboratory. I conduct literature review and manage and analyze incoming field data on health, development, and reproduction in the Dogon. My interests include evolutionary medicine and global public health, specifically chronic and infectious disease epidemiology.