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Introducing – The Astra 2 Theme!

Introducing Astra 2 – our new Gutenberg Enabled WordPress theme!  This theme allows for a logo upload, transparent header option, and fully customizable page templates using the block editor and layouting options.  Websites need to adhere to WCAG Guidelines and Standards./a>

Please contact LSA Technology Services if you’d like more information or would like help in switching to this theme and using the “Gutenberg” block editor.

Upcoming Gutenberg Release for Sites

WordPress will soon be undergoing a major update to the visual editor system for posts and pages.  The “Gutenberg“update will introduce blocks as a modern way to add content to posts and pages and this will enrich the overall design and flexibility of your content.  The WordPress core update to 5.0 is set to include Gutenberg and its tentatively scheduled to release on Nov. 27th, 2018.

Technology Services will be updating  WordPress core to 5.0 and implementing Gutenberg on Saturday March 2nd, 2019 during the maintenance weekend.  To prepare for the change to the visual editor interface please review the articles below or watch this short video from LinkedIn Learning:

Introducing Gutenberg

Learn about Gutenberg

Gutenberg FAQs

ASTRA – New Network Theme and Coraline Replacement

As Administrators and Editors of sites in the WordPress network have heard the Coraline theme is being retired due to lack of updates from the original development group to the older theme code.  We have been searching for a viable replacement for this theme to preserve some of the characteristics that were included in Coraline.

Astra is a lightweight, modern, and clean theme that fits nicely into our sites network and is compatible with installed plugins.  It is responsive and has an academic aesthetic featuring plenty of white-space and serif fonts.  Please preview our demo sites to get an idea of this theme.

Astra Faculty Site Example

Astra Research Site Example

This theme is network activated and can be used at any time.  Please submit any questions you have about this theme to  If you’d like help switching to this theme our team will be happy to assist.  Theme changes can be made by site admins in the customizer. See screenshots below for where to find theme selections in the customizer:


Jessica Wolking
LSA Web Services

Coraline Theme Retirement / Replacement

Greetings WordPress Admins, Editors, and Authors:

This post is intended for site owners currently using the Coraline WordPress theme.  The Coraline theme code is one of the oldest theme installations available to WordPress community and it is being retired by the WordPress development group Automatic.  Since Coraline is retiring and has not been updated in 3 years, our team will need to remove it as a theme option in the sites network so it will not pose a vulnerability risk.

LSA Web Services has installed a similar, yet modernized replacement, for the Coraline theme called “Astra.”  We know it’s important to keep the minimalist and academic appearance of the Coraline theme and Astra fits that aesthetic.

Beginning this summer, LSA Web Services contact  Coraline theme site owners to start the process of updating the site’s theme to one of our available options.  We will assist in this process and support any additional work involved in transferring themes.

Site owners can also feel free to switch from the Coraline theme to one of our 5 other theme options (including Astra) at any time using the customizer.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to contact us at

Thank you!
Jessica Wolking

New WordPress Theme Addition! Introducing Astrid.

Web Services announces a new WordPress theme, Astrid, developed by aThemes.  To get an idea for the look and feel of this new theme, check out the Astrid demo sites built by Web Services: Ocean Impacts and Prof. Haywood. This theme will be available to any site currently in the WordPress network and for new requests.

Astrid features:

  • Splash header image
  • Modern design
  • “Fixed background” image scrolling features
  • “Widgetized” pages / templates
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Language / Translation ready

Examples of sites that are utilizing the full potential of the Astrid theme features:

icc bsb learn  iranian   green

Astrid relies heavily on the customizer and widgets to build out the optional scrolling pages and you may find that you need some guidance if you’d like to make a switch.  If you’re interested, Web Services staff will be available in Open Labs to talk about the theme and assist with transitioning sites.

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How to Add Google Analytics to Your Site

Google Analytics recently updated their permissions.  Site owners who would like access to their site’s analytics will need to enable their Google Analytics account on their WordPress site.  

We highly recommend setting up Google Analytics—it’s quick and easy.  Having access to the full spectrum of analytics allows you to make data driven decisions about your site’s content and architecture.  A few features you’ll also be able to track are your most popular pages/posts and referral traffic to the site.

Our team can provide you more site support in the future if you have historical data.  This includes analyzing trends in web traffic, determining bounce rates, common searches, and more.

If you’ve used Analytics in the past or have another account in our network please see this post: Adding New Accounts for Current Analytics Users

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For Current Analytics Users: How to Add a New Analytics Account

You may already be an avid analytics admin or you may have only signed in one time a while back—either way,  you’re already setup with analytics.  If you have a new website, connecting it to a new analytics account is a good idea.

For anyone who has signed into analytics in the past or who has analytics on another site in our network these steps to create a new account are for you:

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WordPress Option for CTools Project Sites

By now all of the CTools Course sites have been migrated to Canvas.  ITS is currently piloting the plan to decommission CTools Project Sites and developing a timeline to migrate project sites to other platforms.  You may already be aware of ITS’s plans to decommission CTools Project sites.  However, if this is  news to you, check out this post from ITS for more information: Have a CTools Project Site?  Time to  Move it! 

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