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How to Add a New User to Your Site

Our WordPress multisite network uses the Shibboleth Plugin to authorize new Umich users in the network upon signing in.  The person logging in uses their uniqname and kerberos password as their WordPress login credentials and their user profile is created automatically.  WordPress Multisite is set up this way for security reasons and to be compatible with UM’s network. This allows for a single sign on when using UM web resources.  For example, if your are in one browser signed in to your UM gmail account and then open another tab to log into your WordPress site, you will automatically be authenticated and logged into WordPress.

However, because WordPress is set up this way – all new users must initially log into the network to have their profile synched with the UM network.  Then after logging in, they can be successfully added to a site as an “existing user.”

Steps to Add a New User

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Event Calendar Issue Resolved!

** UPDATE: This issue has been resolved **

The plugin update 2.1.5 for the All-in-one event calendar by Timely has conflicted with our system.  Clicking into an event takes the visitor to a missing link page.  We are currently working with their support team to get this issue resolved and to bring back the event detail pages.  Because this plugin updates the database we are not able to roll it back at this time.  We’ll keep you posted on updates and also let you know when the issue is resolved.  Please email with any questions.

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When will my site appear in Google search results?

Luckily, WordPress is pre-set to have excellent search engine optimization (SEO). This means that when a search engine like Google crawls for web content, your WordPress site has built in tools that make it visible to Google. There is a great deal of information on SEO and WordPress found in the Codex. Each of the sites in the LSA multisite network are recognized by search engines as being their own separate entity – so your search would results are not tied in with the main LSA WordPress website. Continue reading

The Visual Editor

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.44.55 PMThe visual editor is where you will add and edit your sites content and it appears when editing posts and pages. In the visual editor you will see lots of options to format your text and add symbols, shortcodes, images, and maps, but you will not find an area to increase font size or change the font.  That is because the font size and type are standard throughout the theme that you chose.  For more questions on that please email

Visual Editor