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Learn WordPress basics with these quick, informative WPMUDEV videos!

A great place to learn WordPress!
A great place to learn WordPress!

Thanks to WPMUDEV’s “Integrated Video Tutorials” plugin we are able to offer you access to professional, updated training videos to help you learn WordPress basics or brush up on your WP knowledge anytime.

Browse through the “Video Tutorial” posts to find a collection of videos you’re interested in viewing or use the search bar at the top of the site (right side of banner) to type in keywords.

Understanding your WP dashboard

hula girlThis group of short videos might a good place to start for anyone just beginning to use WordPress.  In our multisite network there are a couple of things that differ slightly from the dashboard and admin bar discussed in the video.

  • In the Dashboard video it will demonstrate where themes and plugins are found under appearance – these are not seen in the multisite network we have.
  • In the Admin Bar video the WordPress icon is replaced by the block M in our system and the “your blog” link is not found in the admin bar  at the top to the right of “my sites.”  Continue reading

The Media Library

photo pileIn our multisite network each site under WordPress Websites has its own separate database tables.  That means that images, files, and videos that you upload for your site are only available to you and will not appear in any other site’s media library.  Learn more about using the Media Library with these videos:

  • How To: Media Library
  • How to: Uploading Media
  • How To: Image Editor

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The Visual Editor

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.44.55 PMHere are 9 videos to introduce you to all aspects of the visual editor pictured on the right. The visual editor is where you will add and edit your sites content and it appears when editing posts and pages. In the visual editor you will see lots of options to format your text and add symbols, shortcodes, images, and maps, but you will not find an area to increase font size or change the font.  That is because the font size and type are standard throughout the theme that you chose.  For more questions on that please email

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Videos on Posting with WordPress

postingPosts are more of the ‘blog’ type of function for WordPress and generally used for adding frequently updated content as they appear in reverse chronological order on your site –  the ‘freshest’ content is at the top.  Here is more information from the WordPress Codex on posts and it includes best practices for writing them.

Learn more about WordPress Posts in the following video tutorials: