What are the benefits to a WordPress site installed in the U-M Multisite Network?

WordPress sites installed in the U-M multisite framework have a lot of perks….

  • Time saving – we test and roll out updates so you don’t have to
  • Avoiding conflicts between themes and plugins
    • Plugin to plugin testing and deployment
    • Plugin to theme testing
  • Automatic updates for WordPress, Themes, and  Plugins
  • Automatic Backups of your entire site
  • A secure site environment – protected behind the U-M firewall
    • Shibbolized, so that you login with your U-M credentials (uniqname and kerberos password)
    • Added antispam protection
  • A locally hosted site with regular server maintenance
  • Support from Web Services!  Full site start up support and construction with continuous mid-level support through LSA DMC Web Services.  Email lsa.web.support@umich.edu for help or questions.
  • And best of all … It’s free!