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(New!) Our story on “Polyploidy in the adult Drosophila brain” is now published at eLife! Spoiler alert: we discovered that neurons and glia become polyploid in the adult brain!

(New!) Congratulations to Allison Box on her successful NIH F31 Fellowship application!

(New!) Congratulations to our PhD students Jaimian Church and Elli Fackelman on their successful Preliminary Exams! 

(New!) Welcome to our new Postdoc Liz Fogarty! Liz will be studying chromatin regulation during differentiation and how chromatin changes impact cell cycle gene expression.

(New!) Congratulations to Allison Box who was selected to give a short talk on her thesis research at the Midwest SDB meeting this week!

(New!) We have a new BioRxiv preprint available on endocycling in the Drosophila accessory gland (fruit fly prostate). Spoiler alert: we discovered that the cells are poised to endocycle in the adult gland in response to wounding or oncogenic signals! 

Our previous preprint on chromatin accessibility changes in the Drosophila wing during metamorphosis is now revised and published at PLOS Biology!

Congratulations to grad student Shyama Nandakumar who was elected to chair the next Cell Growth and Proliferation Gordon Research Seminar in 2021!

We have compiled a list with links to the postdoctoral fellowships available at University of Michigan!

We have also compiled an excel list with links to non-Michigan specific postdoctoral fellowships.


See Laura discuss some of our work on cell cycle exit in the Drosophila wing in 2016 at the KITP Program: From Genes to Growth and Form (morpho16) workshop at UCSB. – While there – also check out many other excellent talks!

Link to Talks from Morpho16



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