November 6, 2015: CALC|UM related Course Options

On Friday, November 6th we hosted CALC|UM’s Courses to Consider panel to introduce Chemistry graduate students to valuable courses outside of the Chemistry department. The panel featured classes and professors or students from three departments: the Ford School of Public Policy, the Center for Entrepreneurship, and the Ross School of Business.


To lead off, Dr. Sung-Hei (Sunny) Yau (a post-doctoral fellow in Chemistry) discussed his experience taking the MOOC, “Successful Negotiations: Essential Strategies and Skills,” taught by Professor George Siedel at UM’s Ross School of Business. He talked about his experience taking not only this online course, but others as well. He also walked through the ways in which these classes have helped him to further his career outside of traditional Chemistry. Dr. Yau also showed some of the slides that Professor Siedel uses for the first class, including an introductory video in which he introduces himself and talks about the objectives for the rest of the semester.

Next, Professor Shobita Parthasarathy is an Associate Professor at the Ford School and discussed the graduate class, “Introduction to Science and Technology Policy Analysis” (PubPol 650), as well as the Science, Technology, and Public Policy Graduate Certificate Program. In particular, Prof. Parthasarathy went through the syllabus for PubPol 650 and explained exactly how the class was would be beneficial to Chemistry students when considering careers for after graduate school. She then talked in detail about the STPP Graduate Certificate Program courses, requirements, and benefits. More information about the program or working in science public policy (including the slides she used) can be obtained from Professor Parthasarathy.

To conclude, Dr. Aaron Crumm (PhD in Materials Science from UM Engineering), a lecturer and Entrepreneur in Residence with the Center for Entrepreneurship, spoke about his class, “An Introduction to Innovation: Tools for Career Success.” He also discussed other classes and opportunities at the CFE to help PhD scientists make the leap to a career outside of the lab. In particular he brought to Chemistry students the idea that if there was enough demand CFE classes could be offered on a flexible schedule in the evenings to accommodate research and teaching schedules. Materials on CFE offerings were provided, and more can be acquired by getting in touch with Dr. Crumm.