Fun with Physics Questions

This week campers are learning all about physics! Here are some questions to ask your campers at the end of the day…

Monday, we’re learning about force and motion. Ask me about…

  • How far I could shoot the pompom with my balloon shooter.
  • What happens when I spin my color wheel.
  • What we learned about forces using lego cars.
Tuesday, we’re learning about light. Ask me about…
  • How my kaleidoscope works.
  • If the sunscreen kept beads from changing colors. 
  • How colors can change based on their environment.
Wednesday, we’re learning about energy. Ask me about…
  • The difference between potential and kinetic energy.
  • If my straw roller coaster worked.
  • What is energy. 
Thursday, we’re learning about electricity. Ask me about…
  • How soda powered a clock. 
  • What my holiday light circuit looked like. 
  • Seeing my circuit bug!
Friday, we’re learning about sound. Ask me about…
  • Why my bee hummer actually sounds like a bee.
  • Why we can hear sound.
  • What was my favorite part of this week!