Space Explorers Questions

This week will be learning all about space!

On Monday, we will be learning about the planets.  Ask me about…

  • The planets I looked at and which planet I liked best. 
  • The planet matching game we played. 
  • My puffy planet craft.
On Tuesday, we will be learning about astronauts.  Ask me about…
  • The book (Astronaut Handbook) we read in the Planetarium.
  • My astronaut helmet I made.
  • The astronaut training I completed. 
On Wednesday, we will be learning about the stars.  Ask me about…
  • My visit to the planetarium.
  • The constellations matching game I played. Which constellation was my favorite? 
On Thursday, we will be learning about the Moon.  Ask me about…
  • My puffy paint moon I made. 
  • The space game I played and if my rocket made it to the moon. 
On Friday, we will be learning about space.  Ask me about…
  • The space movement game I played with dice. 
  • The meteor shower we did with the parachute. 
  • My coffee filter solar system I made. 
  • Also we will be launching our rockets powered by some Alka-Seltzer  and some “rocket fuel” at 11:30am.  If you would like to join us for our rocket launch, we will be in the drop off area.