Astronomy Adventures

Day 1

Today, campers learned all about stars and their life cycles! They played a game with a parachute outside showing the different stages of a star’s life.

They did a star craft to demonstrate the different stages of a life, and visited the planetarium where they learned even more!

Campers also made star clocks, which they can use to find Big Dipper in the night sky!

Day 2

Today, campers looked at the whole solar system, learning where planets are in relation to others and what they look like!

Campers made a planet flipbook to learn memorize the planet’s names and locations.
They then made a planet paint stick, painting each of the planet in order and then labeling them properly.

Meanwhile, red and yellow groups made solar system bracelets and necklaces using different colored beads!

Day 3

Today, campers looked more closely at planets and their characteristics. Campers first made Mars-like volcanoes, noting how large their eruption was and then layering play-do to show how lava would layer over many eruptions.

They also looked at Jupiter’s rings, and made their own by combining corn syrup, water, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and canola oil.The liquids’ different densities cause them to layer on top of each other instead of mixing, just as the gasses do around Jupiter!

Campers then experienced how astronauts learn about the typography of a distant planet, like Venus. They tried mapping out what the surface looked like without being able to see it by measuring the depth of different areas.

Day 4

Today, campers learned about constellations! They looked at pictures of constellations and learned about their star signs, and the constellations that go along with them.

They then recreated their favorite constellations out of LED lights.

They also created 3D constellations with string and beads, which they can take home and hang!

Day 5

Today, campers made their own rockets and then launched them high into the sky!!

We had such a fun week learning about the sky around us! We hope to see you all again soon!